Flash Programs

this page contains some programs I have written in Flash Actionscript.

It will be updated frequently as I learn more about programming in Actionscript.

However, before proceeding to the programs, make sure that your knowledge is correct, if you are not sure about it, you can get the necessary information in advance writing.

The first two are kaleidoscopes.



Next is a box fractal


In this one you can draw a Pythagorean Tree. Continue to click on "Next stage" and watch the tree grow. You also have the option of changing the angle.


This one takes about two minutes. The leaves grow on the tree and the flowers grow; then fall comes and the leaves fall off the tree as they change color, and finally winter brings snow.


In the next one, if you move the mouse around the color changes speed up or slow down.


The next one is an early program, a lissajous curve. It's not interactive.


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