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Recent Mathscapes (2007-2009)

The mathscapes are available as .gif, .bmp or .jpg files at 1024 X 768 resolution for the recent ones, or 800 X 600 for the earlier ones by e-mailing me at

Anne Burns, Department of Mathematics, C.W. Post Campus, Long Island University, Brookville, NY 11548

All graphics on these pages were created by computer programs written in Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0, J++, Turbo Pascal 6.0 or Turbo C++ 2.0. In the article for sale, you can learn more about these programs, understand whether your technology will attract them, and for what purposes they are created.
The trees and plants were modeled using L-Systems (see: The Flowering of String Rewriting Systems, The College Mathematics Journal, Vol. 23, No. 3, May 1992 and Introduction to the Modeling of Plants and Flowers Using String Rewriting, Computer Graphics, Volume 28, Number 3, August 1994), or simple recursion (see Real and Imaginary Inflorescences, UMAP Journal, Vol. 21 Number 4, Winter 2000, pages 513-522), or a random matrix (see:Modeling Trees with a Stochastic Matrix , The College Mathematics Journal, Vol. 29 Number 3, May 1998). For modeling mountains see Making Mountains From a Sum of Molehills, the College Mathematics Journal, Vol. 26. No. 1, January 1995. For blending and dithering see Convolutions and Computer Graphics , Mathematics Magazine, Vol. 67, No. 4, October 1994

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