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Jeff Chyatte


Painted High Carbon Steel, Impala Black Granite, Height 18” , Width 16” , Depth 16”, 2009.

Fusing math, art and aesthetics, Elements incorporates mathematically significant dimensions that add an intriguing subtlety to its construction. Euclid studied the Golden Ratio 1 to 1.618 (Greek letter Phi) for its many interesting properties as described in his manuscript Elements. Those proportions were used by great artists and architects throughout the Renaissance in the form of the Golden Rectangle. The three intersecting planes that comprise Element’s core are Golden Rectangles. Their intersection creates 20 equilateral triangles, drawn from their points - an Icosahedron. Further, these rectangles use dimensions from the Fibonacci Sequence providing for a variety of mathematical implications.

Jeff Chyatte, Professor and Commissioned Sculptor, Montgomery College and River Bend Studio at Water’s Edge
Washington DC, USA

"Using solid materials, drawn from the earth, that are chosen for their resilient properties, textures, sounds and hues, I attempt to personify math. Experiencing the tactile and resonance traits of metals and stones, viewers can see and feel the magic of math. Math obtains a permanency and develops tangible and visible testaments through its integration with art. "