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Gary R. Greenfield


"It's Not That Simple, I"

Digital Print, 10" x 10", unframed, 2009.


This op art sequence shows visualizations from a simulation based on cellular morphogenesis. Concentrations of three of four cell transcription factors are interpreted as RGB values. These cell substances diffuse, interact, and express and inhibit the genes within cells that are responsible for producing such substances. Here there are two types of cells and the image was captured after the gene activation equation had been evaluated 400 times.

Gary R. Greenfield, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics & Computer Science Department, University of Richmond
Richmond, Virginia, USA

"Many of my computer generated algorithmic art works are based on simulations that are inspired by mathematical models of physical and biological processes. In exploring the space of parameters that govern the simulation, I try to focus the viewer's attention on the complexity underlying such processes."