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Don Relyea



Archival Print, 15"x15", 2009.

IT and art are almost synonymous, because a set of symbols and numbers that go in parallel, or with a shift, as pointillists' works. It's as if the software itself was written as an expressionist paintings! You can buy cheap articles on this topic and enjoy cross-sphere and cross-art connections.

The algorithm I used to make this image is based on the Hilbert space filling curve, discovered by mathematician David Hilbert. The image is drawn in a custom software program I wrote myself. This version of my program recursively subdivides spaces within the total space to be filled and runs the algorithm to fill the smaller spaces separately. Each smaller space is centered on a point on the larger curve causing the smaller renderings to intersect the larger one in interesting ways.

Don Relyea, Artist/Musician/Programmer/Inventor
Dallas, TX, USA

"I write software to make art."