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Briony Thomas


"Icosahedron #1"

Laser-cut acrylic, 6.5" x 5.5" x 6", 2007.

The successful application of a pattern to repeat across the faces of a polyhedron is determined by the pattern's underlying lattice structure and its inherent symmetry operations. Only pattern classes containing six-fold rotation are applicable to patterning icosahedron. Icosahedron #1 exhibits a p6 pattern cut from the faces of the solid. Centres of six-fold rotation in the pattern become axes of five-fold rotation at each vertex and all other rotational symmetries are preserved.

Briony Thomas, Lecturer in Design Theory, School of Design, University of Leeds

"As a designer, with a background in textiles, I am fascinated by the fundamental concept of symmetry and its application in the creation of patterns. This recent work explores the possibilities of patterns repeating in three-dimensions, around the faces of mathematical solids."