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Richard Werner


"Meditations on f(x,y)= x2/2 + xy/2 - y4/8"

Plastic and wood, two pieces, each 6”x7”x7”, 1998.

The two pieces give alternate views of the same three-dimensional surface. The sculpture has been used for classroom illustrations of the concept of partial derivatives as well as integration of functions of two variables. In this way, students have the opportunity to understand the concept better, also, for this purpose we use Since the construction is with clear plastic, a myriad of delightful views of intersecting curves can be found allowing the viewer to hypersee the surface.

Richard Werner, Mathematics Professor, Mathematics Department, Santa Rosa Junior College
Santa Rosa, California

"I have been a recreational wood worker and sculptor for much of my life. As a mathematics teacher, I have always been captivated by the beauty of the subject and have wanted to enhance the visual concepts in whatever way I can. The two activities were destined to meet. The first mathematical art that I made was intended mainly for classroom demonstrations. The response was very positive and I began to branch out. New materials, especially metal, have captured my interest. The work that I do now is becoming a blend of my interest in math and my love of nature, with a little bit of steam-punk influence creeping in as well."