Links to web pages about math, art and nature

If you are busy with your homework, and thus cannot create your art project, and the words "help me write my discussion post" are always in your thoughts, you need to ask for help.

math imagery Mathematical Imagery page of the American Mathematical Society

Art Exhibit at the AMS meeting, University of Richmond, Nov. 6-7, 2010 Richmond Art Exhibit

The Bridges Organization: art and mathematics (here you can see all the Math-Art Exhibitions from JMM and Bridges)

ISAMA The International Society of the Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture

SIGMAA-ARTS the Special Interst Group on Mathematics and the Artsof the MAA
(see especially the Resources page)

Robert Devaney's home page (Fractals and Dynamical systems)

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Islamic Art

Gyrangle: Mathematical Art at Towson University

AMS report on Bridges Banff Conference 2009

Kaz Maslanka's web site

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