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Mickey Shaw


"Spirals in Chaos - The Dance in Four Movements"

Design drawings ( not computer generated ), 21" x 22" ( framed ), 2009.

Spirals are curves emanating from central points, progressively growing further away as they revolve around the point. These drawings are unique, one of a kind renditions of spirals, but created in reverse direction from outer edges into a central point. Some variations resembling Sinusoidal, Archimedean and Hyperbolic spirals and even an occasional pseudospheres are created. Drawings are created on a weighted drawing board suspended from a pole with an attached arm holding a pen. The board is set in motion by hand. Drawings are manipulated by changing the motion of the drawing board. Finished drawings are scanned and printed. 

Mickey Shaw, Freelance Artist
Le Roy, Kansas

"My inspirations are drawn from nature, mathematics and science. These inspirations are combined with my own experiences and emotions creating a marriage between what is seen, what is known and what is felt internally. My goal, as artist, is to create for the viewer, visually, the concept that art, mathematics and science display a fundamental connection conveying the idea that all three encompass more than what can just be seen. I believe that art is an intrinsic aspect of all visual experiences and mathematics can provide a basis for understanding and recreating those same experiences. The spiral design drawings convey a two-dimensional visualization and exploration of this interconnection."