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Samuel Verbiese


" You and me, and an army of monkeys"

Computer image printout glued on cartonboard panel (vZome program by Scott Vorthmann; thanks are extended for his kind help), 17x12 inches (A3, 420x297 mm), 2009 (2005 for the concept of the Golden Pyramid, shown at Bridges London) . The presented work is an example of unusual art - modern art - and therefore, perceiving, it is worth understanding what the author was thinking during creation. However, you can ask essay experts for their opinion on this matter and read a contextual analysis of the work.


My 'Golden Pyramid' is a truss that can project (when viewed from underneath, at a precise, quite near point, orthogonally to the back golden triangular face) into the K5 graph (pentagram inscribed in a pentagon) with remarkable proportions (two equilateral and two golden triangles on a golden rectangular base featuring its two diagonals). The spacecraft looking model shown has its struts built here, kind of fractally, from 463 (1+2x2+3x3 + 14x4x2x2 + 4x(2x2+14+7) + 4x(2x2+2x15+5x3+2+2+1)+1) overlapping tiny golden pyramids (can be 3D-copied). Thanks to a most welcome serendipity, the chosen view angle gives the attentive viewer the needed substance to the title of this ludical work : on the almost vertical strut in the center of the image where it crosses two other struts, two bearded 'wise' men appear -sorry for the ladies : the serendipity unfortunately didn't help them here ! -  and on the remaining part of that strut, a series of monkey faces...

Samuel Verbiese, Doctor in Mechanical Engineering/Structures now active as a freelance plastician artist
Overijse, Belgium

"Besides expressionistic painting and sculpting of the figure and portrait, I am recurrently drawn into geometric projects, probably by previous life."

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