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Anna Virágvölgyi


"RUBIK's new clothes"

Stirol cube with plastic foil, 2,5"x2,5"x2,5", 2009.

Example of extending pattern of "48 different squares" over the surface of RUBIK's 4x4x4. Each square of the set appears twice on the 96 tiles of the cube. There are various symmetries on the sides of the cube and between the sides also. So there is more than one coherent and continuous arrangement.

Anna Virágvölgyi, Mathematician
Budapest, Hungary

"I deal with diagonally striped, coloured squares. [These squares assign a restricted de Bruijn sequence S(k,n). There are k(k-1)n-1/2 distinct squares, where k is the number of colours, n is the number of stripes.] Last year I studied the geometric shape of arrangements of the squares [in case of k=3, n=6, S(3,6)=48] with coherent pattern on the plane. Presently my aim is filling surfaces of solid figures with these squares. Here is one of them."